Android Things is a relatively new platform launched in Dec 2016 and there is still a dearth of drivers and documentations for the platform. Below is a list of five projects using Android Things.

1. How Far way is that

This is a great example of using various sensors to create something interesting. Although the sensors used is not available publicly there is a lot to learn from this example that shows how far away something is using a laser.

2. Where is my Bus

This is a great example of consuming an API to create something interesting. Using an unofficial API for a bus service in NewZeland Dave was able to create a nice little station that shows the bus arrival times for few bus stops. Check it out at the link below.

3. Flickering Candle

Flickering candle is essentially a flickering led surrounded with what appears to be plastic pipe to create a cool flickering candle effect. Check it out below.

flickering candle

4. Weather Station

Simple project that uses a weather sensor to show temperature.

5. Color Things

Changing color of led that’s controlled via an app.



If you’re a beginner check out the simple step by step guide to android things here.

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