Asus File Manager Home Screen

There are many different file managers available for Android but Asus File Manager is one of the best out there and it’s free. As of January 2017, it has been installed on more than 10 million android devices.

What is  a File Manager?

A file manager is a program that lets you find, search and manage all your files in one single app. On windows you have windows explorer as a file manager that lets you search, find and manage all your files on your PC.

Do you need a File Manager?

Depends. If you have a micro-sd card installed on your phone with tons of pictures, movies , documents..etc that are scattered all over the place then a file manager makes sense. Even if you don’t have a micro-sd card but store a lot of different files on your phone that are not managed by some exclusive app then a file manager makes sense in this case too.

Asus File Manager

Here are some of the features of Asus File Explorer.

  • File Explorer
  • Lan/ SMB support
  • supports cloud storage such as onedrive
  • Disk tools
  • Pc File trasnfer( lets you view and copy files from your android phone on your pc via a web browser).


Download and Install 

You can get it for free here


Asus File Manager Home Screen


Home Screen

Home screen of Asus file manager (as shown above) gives you a nice overview of your storage and files. It gives you one click access to certain kind of files such as images and music and you can also see how much space is left on your device’s internal and external storage.

Storage Analyzer

Clicking on storage analyzer will give you a nice overview of storage usage by different kind of files. You will find storage analyzer on your home screen as shown below.

Below is an overview that storage analyzer gives you of storage usage. This will help you keep track of what files are using the limited storage on your device.

storage analyze


Hidden Cabinet

Got some sensitive files that want to hide? Hidden cabinet lets you store files that can only be accessed via a pin number of your choice. Since you can lock your device already to prevent unauthorized access this feature might come in handy in situations where you are not allowed to lock your device but want to hide some files inside a file manager.



PC File Transfer

want to transfer files from phone to your pc? just go to pc file transfer and click start. It will give you a web address that you can type on any browser in your home network to get a nice web based file manager.


Web Browser View

On top right side of your browser you will find a menu that lets you upload files and create folders on your phone.


Access everything on your home network via Network Place

Network Place lets you access your entire home network on your phone. You can watch movies store on your network or just open the images or docs that you need from within the phone.

Just click on the name of computer that you want to access and it will display a list of all folders and files shared by that pc. In my experience video playback needs some work as it sometimes doesn’t play the video if it’s too big or stops playing randomly.


Overall, Asus’s File Manger is a must have app for any android device.


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